Our Story

At seven years old, I convinced my mom to register us for a cake decorating class.  You can imagine what my clown looked like at that age, and it was a skill that was put to bed temporarily.  As I grew older, I refined my decorating skills and rediscovered my interest in baking.  I baked a cake for a friend’s bridal shower, and the surprise and joy she expressed when she saw and bit into the cake was exciting!  Ever since then, I have sought out opportunities to bake sweet treats for friends and family. I was baking for birthday parties, showers, outdoor cookouts, ladies’ nights out, etc.

Then when our son was born, I took time out from Corporate America to stay home with him. I am not what I would consider a “granola mom,” but I do believe strongly in feeding him organic, unprocessed foods. I made his baby food from scratch, which was primarily vegetables and grains. He was eight months old before he ever had a fruit, and then it was pear mixed with spinach and kale. As his birthday drew closer, I began to stress about his smash cake. I didn’t know how his body would process bleached flour and fat, and I certainly didn’t want to deal with the sugar rush and ensuing crash. Yet, I also wasn’t willing to accept serving a mediocre cake to our party guests. After all, I had become known for my stuffed cupcakes!  That is when the idea for Little Z’s Cakery was born – a bake shop that specializes in kids’ birthday cakes. 

My hope is that every customer will experience that same joy my friend did all those years ago!


Little Z’s Mama, Owner & Cake Artist